Babor Skinovage Products

Babor is now a pioneer in professional skin care. Right from the start, we have set our standards quite high. The foundation was laid in 1956 by Dr. Michael Babor and ever since then, we have continued to research and better ourselves every passing moment to manufacture one of a kind skincare range.

Babor Skinovage Products are a part of an intelligent and premium skincare range that has been devised to meet with the challenging demands of the present world and the environment. The products are effective for all skin types and protect the skin against premature ageing or ageing caused by UVA rays and other harmful environmental factors.

The entire range of Babor Skinovage Cream has been quite popular among the users for the excellent results that can be achieved even with a single use.

Alpine stem cells and OsmoTec have been used as the active ingredient in the entire range of Babor Skinovage Products. While alpine stem cells safeguard the skin against premature ageing, OsmoTec maintains the skin’s osmotic balance, resulting in a better usage of active ingredients in the skin.

Babor Cosmetics come with the same pH value as that of the skin. This is the reason why they have no harmful effects on the skin. In addition, they are free from paraben.

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