Matrix is a part of L’Orela USA’s professional products division. It was founded by Arnie and Sydell Miller, an American husband and wife duo who were hairdresser by profession. It was a passion to offer a complete range of hair care products to the hairdressers, which led their path and kept them focused. It enabled them to harness their true potential in developing a brand that is quite popular in the saloons presently.

Through a constant growth, Matrix now has a wide array of products in the market allowing it to suffice each individual need. From the regular shampooing to the styling sprays, Matrix products cover it all. All you get is what you years for - beautiful and desirable hair.

While the availability was exclusive to saloons and dedicated stores some years ago, you can now buy Matrix products online as well as at local stores. Hair Care Today is one of the leading eCommerce stores offering top-notch hair care products (including Matrix) at competitive prices.
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