Moroccan Oil

The founder of Moroccan Oil, Carmen Tal was traveling to Israel, where a color service resulted badly for her and she was left with dry and damaged hair. At that point, one of her friends took her to a saloon where she experienced a unique oil treatment that had astounding results on her hairs; they became smooth and shiny, which was almost miraculous.

Inspired by the effects, she created her own oil treatment, which was introduced later as Moroccan Oil (after perfecting the formula with the help of her husband and quixotic people). The oil treatments were unconventional at that time and it became a trendsetter.

Moroccan oil products comprise of nutrient rich active agents and antioxidants that hydrates the dry hair strands and make them silky smooth. Due to the professional results, the brand is now accepted by saloons as well as individual stylists.

If interested in trying the treatment, you can buy Moroccan Oil products online at Hair Care Today and get guaranteed authentic products delivered to your doorstep.
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