Colure Richly Moisture Stylist Sampler

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Colure Richly Moisture Stylist Sampler is a complete kit for style enthusiasts having troubles with their dry and curly hairs. It contains the sample pack for five different products that can be used one after another for a perfect styling that does not fade the color.

Colure Richly Moisture Stylist Sampler contains the trio sample packet of the following products:

1. Richly Moisture Shampoo 8.5 oz.
2. Richly Moisture Conditioner 8.5 oz.
3. Curl Wave Styling Creme 8.5 oz.
4. Straight Hair Blow Dry creme 7.5 oz.
5. Shine Serum 4 oz.

These products can be used as a follow up to each other to achieve moisturized, defined and shiny hairs.

Features and Benefits
Offers super hydration to the hairs.
Tames curls and adds definition.
Promotes shine.
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