Colure Richly Moisturize Conditioner

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Colure Richly Moisturize Conditioner is one of the most unconventional moisture-rich conditioner available in the market that offers superior hydration and radiant shine to your hairs.

Colure Richly Moisturize Conditioner utilizes super nano technology (extremely small molecules) that is capable of penetrating deep into your hair shafts. It offers superior conditioning to your hairs from the inside out and moisturizes the dry ends.

Like all the other products from colure, this conditioner also increases the color longevity. For best results, you can follow up the conditioner with shine serum. It will add a radiant shine to your conditioned hairs, making them more beautiful.

Features and Benefits
Dramatically strengthens the hair strands.
Infused with vegetable proteins.
Free from parabens and sulfates.
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