Colure Richly Moisturize Conditioner 32 oz

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Colure Richly Moisturize Conditioner makes use of the nano molecular technology, which is efficient in penetrating your hair shafts and provide them with deep moisturization and a gentle cleansing.

Augmented with vegetable proteins, Colure Richly Moisturize Conditioner is an advanced moisture rich conditioner that enables you to retain your hair color for the longest feasible time by preventing fading.

It has a mild cleansing action that does not have any adverse effect on your hairs, thanks to its paraben & sulfate free formula and low pH level (pH 5.5). The overall effect of the conditioner can be multiplied if it is used with the Colure Richly Moisture Shampoo.

Features and Benefits
Custom blended base of aloe vera and chamomile aromatherapy.
Advanced protection against UV rays and thermal emissions.
Protects against fading of color.
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