Fudge Colour Lock Dynamite 4.2 oz

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If you have color treated hairs, Fudge Colour Lock Dynamite will help you retain it for longer periods. It prevents your hairs from weighing down and offers them smoothness. Your hair shines and look beautiful.

Fudge Colour Lock Dynamite comprises of deep conditioning protein that instantly acts on the damaged and brittle hair due to the color treatment or styling equipment and repairs them. It restores the health of hair and protects them against any further damage.

With nourishing active agents, Fudge Colour Lock Dynamite conditions your hair thoroughly without weighing them down and promotes softness and shine. . It also protects your hair against split ends and leaves you with a mild coconut fragrance.


  • Repair and protect the damaged hair due to coloring and styling.
  • Adds a layer of moisture without weighing hair down.
  • Formulated with deep conditioning protein.
  • Prevents split ends.
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