Kyoku Eye Fuel .7oz

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Late night work or after parties can often lead to puffy eyes. Kyoku Eye Fuel actively works on the puffiness and reduces it back to normal instantly. It revitalizes them and removes any signs of tiredness.

A late night party or work schedule can give birth to puffy eyes. This is because the skin under the eyes in quite delicate and thin. It is a dual chamber pump that fights against the bagginess or puffiness of the eyes. The dual chamber utilizes two distinct formulas - Uplifting Eye Gel and Eye Radiance Cream.

The uplifting eye gel in Kyoku Eye Fuel instantly diminishes the puffiness under the eyes and revitalizes them. The eye radiance cream safeguards from dark circles and early-onset wrinkles.  

Effectively acts against the puffiness.
Prevents dark circles and early-onset wrinkles.
Protects the under eye area.
Energizes the eyes.

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