NANOCELL Age Protecting Cream (50 ml)

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Years of research has been infused into the Babor Skinovage Nanocell Age Protecting Cream to put a stop to all the premature aging signs and deliver you a youthful glow that you have always desired.

Babor Skinovage Nanocell Age Protecting Cream has been devised implementing the years’ long research of the renowned biochemist Dr. Michael Babor. The active anti-aging 24-hour formula expedites the retaining of the youthfulness of the skin while providing a smoothing effect on the surface.

Abetted by the distinctive Phyto VelTec Technology, Babor Skinovage Nanocell Age Protecting Cream is first-of-its-kind formulation that uses plant stem cells to protect human skin stem cells. The plant stem cells are extracted from an extremely sporadic Swiss apple and are proven to bring back the youthful glow of the skin while leaving it visibly smoother.

Unique Phyto VelTec Technology.
Retains the youthfulness of skin.
Efficiently prolongs the life of skin stem cells.
Offers a smoother skin.
24- Hour active formula.
Effective for all skin types.
Can be applied daily on face and neck.

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