International Shipping

At Hair Care today we take our international business very serious. We realize that shipping to international customers can be quite tricky. There are many different rules and such that occur in each country. We take every opportunity to keep our shipping staff up to date with the latest training and knowledge not only of customs rules. We also are always looking for and providing our international customers with the lowest and most competitive shipping rates available. Please keep in mind that not all countries will receive items as quickly as they do in other countries. Just because something arrives using a certain shipping method in one country does not mean it will arrive in the same time span in another. Please also take in to consideration customs clearance in calculating the time a shipment will take to arrive. As all shipments once they arrive in your country will be handed off to customs for customs clearance prior to them being delivered to you. We appreciate all of your continued patronage and we are available for any questions that you may have.