Keratin Complex

Keratin protein has been known widely to offer smoothness and silkiness to the hairs for long. Keratin Complex products utilize the goodness of this protein and fuse their years of research to create formulations that results in beautiful, manageable and youthful hair.

The company began in 2006 with a group of innovators who found an absence of a practicable substitute of the traditional straighteners that were used in the saloon back then. When the leading chemists and hair experts sat together and researched for the possibilities, it was observed that the unique treatment that could bring a breakthrough lay in harnessing the power of keratin. Keratin is nothing but a hair protein that is empowered with myriad benefits coupled with interminable resourcefulness.

Keratin Complex products were able to produce astonishingly smoother hairs when the formula was first used into the product range, which is why it became immensely successful.

The brand is incessantly evolving and even launched an entire new range - ‘Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System’ promising to provide customized solution for all kinds of customers and demands.

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