NANOCELL Age Protecting Serum (30 ml)

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Nanocell Age Protecting Serum targets the delicate area around the eye and effectively removes all the fine lines. It leaves the skin firm and supple whole offering you a youthful skin.

The active anti-aging formula in Nanocell Age Protecting Serum from Babor helps in protecting the youthfulness of the skin and prolongs the life of skin stem cells. At the same time, it has smoothing effect on skin’s surface after application.

Nanocell Age Protecting Serum plumps up the skin and fast-tracks the regeneration of the skin. The efficient restructuring of the skin leads to a beautiful looking youthful skin that is soft to touch and yet firm and supple on the inside.

Prolongs skin stem cells.
Gentle on skin.
Plumps up the skin and aids in regeneration.
Retains the youthfulness of the skin.
Leaves skin soft, supple and firm.

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